Native American Documentary Film Fest!

Dec. 4, 9:30 AM -- Dec. 4, 6:00 PM

Indigenous Nations Library Program Native American Documentary Film Fest!

Wednesday November 28 and Tuesday December 4 from 9:30-6pm

Zimmerman Library room 230

The following films will be shown both days:

9:30am: Thick Dark Fog. 57 min.
Walter Littlemoon, a Lakota author and public speaker, attended a federal Indian boarding school in South Dakota 60 years ago. The mission of many of these schools in 1950 was to 'kill the Indian and save the man.' The children were not allowed to speak their language or express their culture or Native identity in any way. This is the story of how Littlemoon confronted his past so that he could renew himself and his community. Trailer:

11am: Racing the Rez. 57 minutes
In the rugged canyon lands of Northern Arizona, Navajo and Hopi cross-country runners from two rival high schools put it all on the line for Tribal pride, triumph over adversity and state championship glory. Win or lose, what they learn in the course of their seasons will have a dramatic effect on the rest of their lives. Trailer:

12:30pm: Grab. 57 minutes
Portrait of the little-documented Grab Day in the villages of the Laguna Pueblo Tribe, who annually throw water and food items from the rooftop of a home to people standing below them. Follows three families as they prepare for this annual event which serves as a community-wide prayer of abundance, thanks and renewal. Trailer:

2pm: Up Heartbreak Hill. 83 minutes.
For academic and athletic teens, Thomas and Tamara, home is an impoverished town on the Navajo reservation, and leaving means separating from family, tradition and the land that has been theirs for generations. Erica Scharf's documentary shows one year in the lives of two gifted kids who must not only become young adults, but also learn how to be both modern and Native. A PBS POV (Point of View) documentary. Trailer:

4pm: Reel Injun: on the trail of the Hollywood Indian. 86 min.
Hollywood has an impressive track record, one that spans more than 4,000 films, of blatantly misrepresenting Native people and their cultures. Featuring interviews with filmmakers and activists such as Clint Eastwood, Jim Jarmusch and Russell Means, Reel Injun delves into the fascinating history of the Hollywood Indian with razor-sharp insight and humor, tracing its checkered cinematic evolution from the silent film era to today. Trailer:

For more information please contact Sarah Kostelecky at or 277-7433.

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