Research Data Services

The UNM Library's Research Data Services Program provides a wide variety of services in support of effective research data planning, management, preservation, discovery and use. In addition to consultation and support services, the RDS team also provides support for several key research data infrastructure capabilities that are maintained by the Library for use by UNM's research community. The information below provides more detailed information about all of our team's consultation, support and infrastructure services.

Data Management Planning


As data sharing becomes a national priority, the National Science Foundation and many other grant funding agencies require data manage plans (DMPS). Your data librarian can help you:
  • Create data management plans that meet your grant application requirements.
  • Provide operational data management services for the life of your research project.
  • Centrally archive data management plans so they are available for reuse.
Data Reference
Working in data intensive research areas often requires access to data developed and shared by others. The Research Data Services team supports your research activities by:
  • Locating data for use in proposals, pilot or research projects and instructional programs.
  • Evaluating alternative data management tools, technologies and strategies.
  • Identifying both on- and off-campus collaborators.
Data Management
Effective research data management often involves thinking about what the entire workflow from initial data acquisition, through analysis and visualization, to publication and sharing. The RDS team in UNM's Libraries is here to help in supporting your end-to-end data management process. We provide recommendations for:
  • Data management strategies & workflows
  • Analysis tools and technologies
  • Visualization tools and technologies
  • Strategies for meeting computational and data intensive research needs

For researchers who need to comply with Federal and other funder data sharing requirements, RDS supports integration of research data products into UNM's Digital Repository and other repositories.

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Contact a Data Librarian

Data Curation Specialist
Jon Wheeler
(505) 277-1687
Director of Research Data Services
Karl Benedict
(505) 277-5256