South Campus Repository

Each year University Libraries adds more than 20,000 physical items to our collections – requiring nearly ½ mile of shelving – without the possibility of adding more square feet to existing buildings.

We are now planning for the occupation of a new library facility on South Campus. Having additional space in the South Campus Repository will allow us to maintain and continue to build our strong print collections.

What will the South Campus Repository be used for?

The repository will house less-used library materials in a climate-controlled, high-density environment allowing us to address significant space constraints in our existing Central Campus libraries – Zimmerman, Centennial Science & Engineering, Fine Arts & Design and Parish Memorial Libraries.

What is the process for choosing what will be relocated?

Planning is just beginning for how we will use the new facility and what structural changes need to be made to the space. Our first steps involve analyzing circulation and use data for our collections. We will also incorporate information on peer library holdings and identify what items we have that are unique.

By the summer’s end, our library faculty and staff will have the results of this analysis compiled and ready for discussions with the campus community. We are particularly interested in feedback on collections that faculty consider to be critical for retention on open shelves in our main campus libraries. One of our guiding principles will be to continually review and revisit any decisions in the future as the need arises.

When will materials begin to be moved?

The building should be ready for library by the end of Spring Semester 2019 provided all goes as planned.

How will patrons get access to materials moved to the South Campus Repository

Material moved to the South Campus Repository will continue to be available through both electronic delivery as well as courier pickup and delivery.

How can UNM faculty and staff give input on what gets moved?

Feel free to email the planning committee at anytime.  There will also be meetings scheduled with departments and stakeholders in Fall 2018.

Updated: May 4, 2018