CSWR Study Space
CSWR Study Space

Are you interested in incorporating active learning with archival materials into your students' classroom experience? We are here to help! Librarians in the Center for Southwest Research and Special Collections welcome opportunities to give presentations on the basics of primary source research as well as historical topics represented in our collections. We are also happy to offer advice on materials to include in your own presentations and to assist in developing course-based activities involving archival materials and rare books.

Class visits can be tailored to your needs and are an opportunity for students to:

  • Experience course material in a fun, hands-on way.
  • Directly encounter objects from other time periods and cultures.
  • Find inspiration for creative projects.
  • Become familiar with the culture of archives and primary source research.
  • Improve their critical-thinking and communication skills by researching, writing about, and presenting on historical objects.
  • Acquire investigative skills essential to future study and employment.

The library’s Waters Room can accommodate up to about 40 students. A computer and projector are available. To schedule a visit, please contact Paulita Aquilar at We advise you to schedule class visits as early in the semester as possible so we can be sure to accommodate you. A minimum of one week’s advance notice is preferred.

We are also happy to work with groups from other institutions and the local community, including K-12 groups. Not able to visit? Please contact us to discuss whether we might be able to come to you.

Primary Source Activities and Guides

The Cook Took a Look at the Book: Using a Cookbook to Introduce Special Collections Research Skills
Depth of Field: Building a Story around a Historical Photograph
Early American History, 1492-1800: Primary Source Worksheets
Research Roadblock: Getting Unstuck in the Archives

Recent and Upcoming Course Visits

American Studies 201:  Introduction to Chicano Studies
American Studies 485:  Seminar in U. S. Culture
American Studies 502:  Research Methods Practicum
Anthropology 120:  Archaeological Method and Theory
Architecture 590 / 591:  Historic Research Methods / Preservation & Regionalism
Art History 420 / 520:  History of Graphic Arts I
Art History 425 / 525:  Nineteenth-Century Photography
Art History 429 / 529:  Study of Eighteenth-Century Art
Art History 429 / 529:  The Arts of Mexico
Art History 429 / 529:  Cave Paintings to Graffiti: The History of Mural Painting
English 296:  Earlier American Literature
English 360:  D. H. Lawrence & New Mexico
English 445 / 545:  History of the English Language
English 447 / 547:  Introduction to Old English
English 500:  Introduction to the Professional Study of English
English 660:  Southwestern Writers. Multiple class sessions held in Special Collections.
French 310:  French Worlds
History 181:  Introduction to Early Latin America
History 220:  The History of UNM. Entire class held in Special Collections.
History 300:  Doing Early American History
History 300 / 500:  Human Rights in Latin America
History 364:  Health & Disease in the Southwest
History 473 / 653:  Indigenous Latin America
History 492:  Conquest in the Americas
History 682:  Race and Gender in the U. S. West
Honors 301:  Food and Society
Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Studies 511:  History of U. S. Education
Latin American Studies 355:  Introduction to Latin American Society
Latin American Studies 510:  Pro-Seminar in Latin American Studies
Museum Studies 429 / 529:  Archival Practices. Entire class held in Special Collections.
Museum Studies 429 / 529:  Collections in Context: Taos
Native American Studies Indigenous Research Group
Political Science 320:  Social Science Research Methods
Portuguese 277:  Intensive Portuguese for Spanish Speakers
Portuguese 302:  Portuguese Composition
Portuguese 400:  Popular Literature
Portuguese 414 / 514:  Brazil's Post Dictatorship
Spanish 202:  Intermediate Spanish
Spanish 302:  Developing Spanish Writing Skills
Spanish 439:  Advanced Culture of New Mexico
Spanish 500:  Research Methods

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